Christian Counseling

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Christian Counseling - Find Comfort

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We are staffed with several Christian-based social workers who will be eager to help. We believe the Scripture equips us with wisdom to instruct and correct as well as enables us to change in ways that God desires. We understand that Christian counseling is key in ultimate healing. You will find comfort and direction in the Word as well as gain valuable insight.

Christian counseling is ideal for:

• Marital counseling
• Depression and anxiety
• Alcohol and substance abuse
• Family counseling
• Parent- child counseling

Christian counseling challenges secular counseling practices. Through God’s word, lasting change occurs rather than a temporary fix by other means. Christian counseling is worth consideration when you seek a deeper spiritual healing, and it proves very beneficial when paired with traditional methods.

To speak with someone who understands the value of your faith and can counsel you with compassion, call us today.